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Educational and inspirational tales from Hannah Escott’s mountain bike journey and travels around the world

Hannah Escott, GB Cycling Team Racer and World Series Champion

Experience the much acclaimed “Dare to Achieve” and “Dare to Dream”; the story of a girl who went from just cycling to and from school to racing for her country. Learn about the hard work, determination, and multiple challenges faced as she journeyed from school girl to champion.

Hannah Escott’s presentations have inspired thousands of adults and young people into cycling to work, school, and for leisure. Her ability to motivate has helped many young people to access a wider education, including successfully encouraging ‘delinquent’ children back into mainstream schools.

Hannah’s insight and perspective provides the basis for a positive work ethic amongst academically challenged pupils, and those lacking motivation, helping them along their own journey to success.

Her presentation talks about: overcoming barriers and not giving up, working hard for something worthwhile, showing commitment and dedication, healthy lifestyle choices, and the power of young women.

Hannah initially decided to offer her story after hearing of too many young people who give up their talents and hobbies at age 14/15 so they never see what they could achieve and young people who claim that they have nothing to get out of bed for.

“Everyone needs something, something that makes them enthusiastic and determined, it could be anything; sport, art, music, studies, it does NOT matter as long as it makes you feel alive!” Hannah Escott

Educational Presentations

After becoming Women’s World Series 4X Champion 2016 Hannah eased off the training to enjoy other parts of life; travel and seeing the world! Hannah has solo travelled and explored many areas that appear on the National Curriculum. Contact us if you’d like her to talk to your school or community group about any of the below. We offer our educational presentations in West Midlands, Worcestershire and sometimes further afield too!

Favelas in Brazil

Hannah spent 6 weeks living with the local community and working in a school in Rocinha, the largest and most famous Favela in Rio de Janiero.

Slums of India

From huge slums of Dhavari in Mumbai to smaller lesser known slums of Delhi. Hear about the contrasting lifestyles and dispell some myths of slum life from Hannah’s teaching experience here.

River Yangtze and the Three Gorges Dam

Having studied this engineering marvel in school she had to go and see it for herself! Hear about the fascinating structure, more about China, and Hannah’s 4 week trip around this very different country.

Indigenous Australia

Hannah self-led a major research project into how Aboriginal people manage land and water in a Western world, the struggles, the politics and the outcomes. Her paper was published here.

Under The Sea

She has worked on the Great Barrier Reef, dived in Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia and the UK. She also went on a sailing adventure around French Polynesia- where the popular Disney Moana film is set. When anchored the boat attracted many rays, sharks and turtles and when sailing she even encountered vast pods of dolphins.

The Amazon Rainforest

Hannah spent 6 nights sleeping in a hammock in the Amazon Rainforest! Canoeing the Amazon River by day and sleeping amongst the insects and spiders at night. She encountered sloths, snakes, tarantula, camen, piranhas and even a jaguar!

Fulbright Scholar at University of Minnesota

Hannah was awarded a prestigious scholarship to learn about climate change and sustainability at University of Minnesota. She was one of 2 selected students in the UK, forming a group of “Outstanding European Students”. Yet being a Pupil Premium child from state school, representing British students at the US Department of State, UK Houses of Parliament and US embassies all over the World was a little unexpected!

From rounding up cattle in Australia to making films with street children in Ghana. Hannah has also worked in, visited or toured: several US States, Western Europe, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, 7 African countries, China and India. She is at the helm of heaps of interesting stories stretching way beyond the guidebooks and brochures. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more and bring the real world to life! We offer our inspirational presentations in West Midlands, Worcestershire and sometimes further afield.

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